I’m fortunate to be surrounded by amazing women. They are the reason I do what I do. Here’s what they have to say about the work we’ve done together:


“ I started a coaching process at a major turning point in my career. I was curious about an approach like the one Martine had to offer, but at the same time I was very skeptical. However, I was ready to commit to the exercise and take it seriously. Three months later, I can confirm that I have been transformed. I’ve grown, understood and experienced. All thanks to Martine’s kind and compassionate guidance. If you’re at a defining moment in your life and career, I highly recommend her coaching. 2023 will be exactly as I hoped.”


Fannie Perron

President and Co-Founder
Plan Humain

“When I started the coaching program with Martine, I asked her to help me figure out the right professional role for me. I’ve always had a deep desire to develop new skills and the feeling that the label of “lawyer” wasn’t enough for me. Twelve weeks later, Martine gave me the most beautiful gift: she helped me realize that it’s not a question of a title or a role being made for us but rather of being aligned with our mission… and it’s this mission that I have discovered, and that I embody and love today. Thank you, Martine, for accepting this challenge and especially for doing it with so much empathy, attentiveness, trust and openness.”

Nathalie Rolland

Lawyer, Director corporate secretariat and governance


“Martine’s approach provides a good balance between concrete actions and effective inner peace exercises. This allowed me to reconnect with myself and refocus. It also helped me reassert my needs and aspirations. I can now adjust my trajectory in a clear and assertive way. Martine guided me towards a mindset that commands the best and gives me a lot of confidence. I’ve learned to identify the strengths that I want to leverage more to make sure that I grow in a stimulating way, aligned with my needs. I’m proud to have succeeded in establishing an action plan that I’m really comfortable with and confident in. I gave myself the gift of quality time with myself, guided by an attentive, responsive and very compassionate woman.”


Patricia Trudel

Co-owner, restaurant manager

“Everything is taking shape and more in 2022. I reread my notes from our coaching
sessions in the spring of 2021. It’s amazing how I’m making what I want a reality.”


Joanie Lalonde-Piecharski

Co-founder, Les Consœurs 

Author of the book Au-delà des dix-huit ans

Commissioner, Commission des services juridiques du Québec

“Working with Martine takes away all hesitation. Her advice allows you to open the door that you close on yourself. I recommend Martine for her expertise. She knows how to guide you in progressing towards the desired outcomes. The constant strength she provides opens the door to the next stage of the project. Like intellectual coaching for professionals, Martine knows how to deepen awareness and transform perceptions. Establishing rituals and good practices ensures progress. Working with Martine to lift yourself up is a great gift that will last for life.”

Karine Hamel

Founding President Réflexia
Founder Conscious Strategists Group in Sustainability
Brand Strategist in ESG Certified Sustainability

“Martine helped me to grieve and find closure after the end of a long-term relationship, so that I could focus my energy and thoughts on my personal growth. Her global, gentle, enlightened, and reassuring approach produces results from the very first session and goes way beyond the coaching process . . . it’s part of a lifestyle to be adopted.”

Stéphanie Noël

Associate Entrepreneur, Vice-President Design 


“Lately, I’d been feeling confused about my role as a manager and my motivation had been waning. Being a passionate person by nature, I felt a need to identify and understand the cause of this lack of motivation, realign myself with my mission and givea fresh boost to my career. That’s when I met Martine Rochon and began a coaching process with her. Each session was a journey to the depths of myself, allowing my mission to emerge. It grounded me in a state of being and a mindset that has helped me assert and merge together the woman and manager I now want to be. I highly recommend Martine’s services to anyone who wants to find and redefine themselves. It’s a beautiful and priceless gift to give yourself!”


Francyne Charette

Executive Director

Ruelle de l’avenir

“Martine helped me stay the course at a crucial time in my personal and professional life. Her approach allowed me to get back on my feet during a period of extreme exhaustion related to a difficult situation at work, and to initiate the career change I had dreamed of for so long. Her highly personalized coaching approach led me to understand my needs and set myself achievable goals. Doing this helped me to restore the balance I so craved as a woman and as a mother, while remaining focused on changing my career.”


Élisa Baldet

Language Stimulation Worker
Zootherapy Technician and Coordinator at
the Institut de zoothérapie du Québec – International

“Martine is instinctive and asks the right questions—the ones you don’t always expect! In the course of our meetings, she guided me towards myself, towards my desires, through my fears and my doubts. She helped me implement my plan of action and I felt supported and cared for. I’ve achieved concrete results that have impacted both my professional and personal life. I’m grateful to have crossed her path.”


Isabelle Phaneuf-Cyr

Entrepreneur, President and Co-founder
FIZ Studio

“I reached out to Martine at a time when I felt that my natural value, creativity and leadership were getting mired and buried by everyday worklife, like in a closed box. Step by step, I started to open the box, to once again understand the impact I can have on a team, and to choose concrete actions to implement them. Although she never made me conscious of it, I think that Martine was being very patient with me when answering my constant questions, the most frequent of which was undoubtedly “yes, but how?” And for each question, she responded with a simple but powerful tool. What I found in my coaching with Martine was a balance between the overall mission of my career and the acquisition of new thought processes for putting it into action. Now the box is open. And I always have a supportive ally I can call on to brighten up darker days.”

Martine Rhéaume

Director of programs

L’effet A

“Martine’s 12-week program helped me find clarity and the inner strength to fully assume my leadership and decision-making roles. Her approach allowed me to build my self-confidence and move forward with assurance toward a new chapter in my life. I managed to find the links between my professional path, and who I am, and the contribution I want to bring to my environment. Martine’s guidance was invaluable in establishing new habits and instinctive reactions that help me focus on my life goals.”

Mylène Rochon
Senior Advisor
Organizational development
Desjardins Group

“The 12-week program with Martine allowed me to find clarity and the inner strength to take charge of my leadership and decision making. This process has allowed me to increase my confidence and move forward with assurance into a new professional chapter. I have found the common thread between my career path, who I am, and the contribution I want to make in my environment. Martine’s guidance has been invaluable in helping me develop habits and reflexes that keep me focused on my life goals.

Julie Roussin

Mobilization and Events Coordinator

Fédération de la relève agricole du Québec

“To be honest, I was skeptical that a coach could bring me so far in such a short time. I was going through major changes in both my personal and professional life. Martine guided me and, above all, gave me the tools I needed to drive out the negative and focus on the positive to help me push ahead and reach my goals.”


Luci Tremblay

Strategy and Development Director

“Taking control of your life, giving it meaning and accepting full responsibility for your choices requires you to jump right in with a good amount of courage. Martine helped me break down the barriers, feed my thoughts and equip myself for today and the future. Twelve weeks allow you to stop and take stock while being guided and coached with a methodical and caring approach. Choosing to put your trust in Martine means choosing yourself.”

Laëtitia Laronze

Communications Manager 

CESIM-Social Economy Council of the Island of Montreal

“For a long time, I endured my anxiety, thinking it was just an intrinsic part of who I was and that all I could do was simply learn to live with it. After years of chaos, my life had become unbearable. I finally decided to face my demons head-on and win the battle. Martine helped me slow down and sort out the chaos in my head. She had me become aware of my existence and clearly identify my strengths. She showed me how to get my bearings and rebuild my sense of purpose. I loved her gentle, non-intrusive approach. Instead of dwelling on my missteps or regrets, we focused on my acquired strengths, true values and the unfulfilled dreams that were just waiting to come back to life. Together, we built a future version of me. Martine held my hand every step of the way. I can say today without a shadow of a doubt that I’ve won my battle. The future is full of unknowns, but now I’m equipped to handle whatever comes my way.”

Christine Gauvin

Owner, La Buvette in Lille

“Martine is a catalyst, a friend, a force who helps you regain your confidence, ambition and motivation. One step at a time, no fuss, no bother, she presents ideas and tools to help you clarify your path, find your true mission, uncover your deepest desires, break barriers and regain control. Martine’s methods are respectful, clear and effective. Every meeting with her is uniquely enlightening.”


Maude Loiselle

“Because one day you have to stop and ask yourself, ‘Am I in the right place?’ Martine’s coaching helped me implement a new vision of success and finally be aligned with who I am. Thanks to her, I managed to answer my own question: “yes, this works for me!”


Ariane Faucher-Gagnon

Specialized Program Advisor
Department of Psychology

Université de Montréal

“Martine’s coaching and support have allowed me to rediscoveer and highlight my greatest strengths, and above all to set myself professional goals that meet my expectations.”


Diane Vallée

Director of the multi-service Center
Samares School Service Center

“Dare in all my integrity and value. This is probably the most important thing that has kept my attention in my meetings with Martine to continue to accomplish and surpass myself.”

Marie-France Moquin

Senior Manager

Leadership and Corporate Giving

Canadian Cancer Society

With Martine, I have taken giant steps to such an extent that I feel like I have changed planets. I feel light years away from my state at the start of the process. I am still the same, but I have become sovereign.”

Brigitte Boucher
Executive Director

The Fondation Bon départ de Canadian Tire du Québec

“Martine immediately put me at ease with her concrete, realistic and challenging approach. Over the 12 weeks, I quickly saw the magic set in. I come out with a mission that allows me to be in line with who I am while having the courage to go for it.”

Janick Parent

Vice-présidente marketing


“Thanks to Martine, I regained confidence in myself, in my value and this allowed me to “be” myself and discover my professional and personal path. It also allowed me to put my attention on the positive, to clarisy my objectives and my ambitions. I regained my independence and clarity on my own mission without worrying about the opinion of others. I feel good, but above all, I feel free.

Karina Bouchard
National Sales Director

Guerlain Canada

“It has been a long time since I dreamed of making a big change in my career. It is with the support and strenght of Martine’s coaching that I was able to dive in my new life with courage and confidence. Thanks to her personalized program and the concrete tools she has put in place. I feel equipped, strong, and inspired to finally pursue my dreams. Thank you, Martine, for guiding me towards my essence, towards my mission.


Julie Dalbec

Content Production Consultant

Creator of immersive experiences and Communicator

“I feel like I have reached an unprecedented level of well-being and I have learned to prioritize myself. The last three months in coaching have changed my life. I needed a guide and Martine arrived on my path at the right time. She paved the way for me to move forward safely. I felt validated and supported and for that, I am so grateful!

Catherine Orer
Director of communications 

Council of Arts and Letters of Quebec

“Before working with Martine, I was dealing with a lot of guilt about being a mom and also being an entrepreneur who wants to take her business to another level. I realized that the role model I want to pass on to my daughter is someone who goes for her dreams. The highs, the lows, the imperfections, but above all the passion. I want to pass on this passion.


Sabrina Roc
Founder and Executive Producer

Wojack Productions

“The coaching process with Martine helped me get closer to my full potential and to feel in harmony with who I am. I feel at peace with myself for the first time in my life!

Nathalie Richard
Founder and CEO

L’Étoile de Pacho, a support network for parents of disabled children

“I started the process with Martine with self-esteem to rebuild and the need to get back into action. Following the work we have done together, I want to cultivate more authenticity. I now have the strenght and the tools to trust my passions as levers of my emancipation. Working with Martine means working on yourself with kindness. Her great humanity and the respectful relationship she builds with her clients is a great motivator. I come out of this process with the desire to trust myself again and to believe that everything is possible.


Maud Rusk